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Airfresh was established with the clear mission of tackling the ongoing mould pandemic affecting UK residences – we create safer and cleaner living environments. Over time, exposure to the presence of mould, even in small amounts, can have a noticeable effect on the health of those present. If you’ve noticed dark patches or a musty smell coming from an area in your home, it’s time to act. Removing mould means that you will finally be able to breathe fresher, cleaner, and healthier air.

 Covering all 32 London boroughs, we’re ready to help you. Our team of expert technicians have access to advanced tools and equipment, cutting through and removing all traces of mould. What’s more, the long-term solutions we offer are non-abrasive and non-toxic, leaving zero residue behind. Your health and satisfaction are our priority – the tailored solutions we offer are designed with your safety and requirements at the forefront.

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